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Unleashing the Power
of AI, 
Discover the next Generation

Revolutionize the way you interact with technology with Humanoid AI. Our humanoid robot powered by ChatGPT offers a personalized, human-like experience for a smarter tomorrow.


Humanoid AI aims to revolutionize the AI industry by creating a humanoid robot assistant powered by ChatGPT. Our vision is to provide a fully-functional AI device that can connect with users and offer a personalized, seamless experience. With Humanoid AI, we're paving the way for a future where AI technology is integrated into our daily lives, allowing us to interact with machines in a more human-like way.


See What HUMANOID AI Can Do.

Humanoid AI is introducing a new way of AI-powered communication through its custom bot service, Telegram, Twitter, and Discord bots. These bots are powered by GPT-3 AI, providing a unique and personalized experience for each user. From answering industry-specific questions to generating stunning images, these bots will bring a new level of intelligence and style to your communication. Humanoid AI's custom bot service is user-friendly and offers a unique personality and intelligence for each brand

Get ready to blast off into the future of AI with the Decentralized App!  This is the hub of all things AI, where users and assets come together to create a constantly evolving and expanding ecosystem. 

Developers, get ready to unleash your creativity and build some seriously innovative dApps! With the power of AI at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless. Create interactive characters , AI assets , content, datasets, and more!

Plus, the Decentralized App has got your back with some major benefits for developers.

The Humanoid-AI wallet is coming soon! Investors, get ready to store and manage your assets in the most powerful decentralized ecosystem! From staking to farming, NFTs to metaverse integration, we've got everything you need! Plus, it's so easy to use, even grandma could do it!

Enjoy the benefits of:

  • Holding multiple cryptocurrencies

  • Storing stablecoins to dodge market volatility

  • Earning juicy interest on your crypto

  • Keeping your privacy coins safe and secure

  • Swapping and trading assets in a snap! 

Humanoid AI is revolutionizing the artificial intelligence (AI) industry with its humanoid robot assistant powered by ChatGPT. The device provides a personalized, seamless experience for users through its advanced language capabilities and human-like form factor. Humanoid AI will perform various tasks and functions, making it a useful tool for productivity and efficiency. 

Get ready to shape the future! With the arrival of our $HUMAI Governance Token, you'll have the power to direct the path of our organization. Imagine having a say in key decisions like protocol updates and parameters - all without needing a fancy title or big boss status. That's what the governance token is all about!

And the best part? All $HUMAI investors get to vote on important proposals, no matter where you're holding your tokens - be it in your portfolio, on Eth or BSC. 

Introducing the next big thing in AI: Humanoid AI iNFTs! We're building an intelligent metaverse on the iNFT Protocol that'll preserve the collective culture and intelligence of humanity for all eternity.

Think of iNFTs like the ultimate digital Lego blocks - each one is a unique AI-powered asset with its own personality, managed on the blockchain. This means your iNFT will be alive and kicking, making it more than just a boring old NFT.



Get ready to blast off with the hottest project of 2023: Humanoid AI! We've got the secret sauce to keep us soaring with sustainable growth and unstoppable success. Hold onto your hats, because this ride is going to be wild!

Token Name: Humanoid AI

Ticker Symbol: $HUMAI

Total supply: 100 Million (100,000,000)

Total fees: 0%

Blue Modern Donuts Chart Graph (1).png
Blue Modern Donuts Chart Graph (2).png

Public Sale tokens


Blue Modern Donuts Chart Graph (3).png
Blue Modern Donuts Chart Graph (3).png

CEX Reserve

Staking Reserve

Blue Modern Donuts Chart Graph (4).png
Blue Modern Donuts Chart Graph (4).png

Reward Reserve

Development Reserve

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Initial Burn


Stage 1

  • Website and Community Building

  • Pinksale Fair Launch

  • DEX Launching

  • Global Marketing Campaign

  • KYC

  • Ace/InterFi Contract Audit

  • CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko Listing

  • PancakeSwap Listing

  • BSCScan Verification

Stage 2

  • Telegram Bot Completion

  • Beta phase in the platform, with token staking, Yield Farming


  • Beta phase in the platform, with NFT Minting, NFT Staking

  • Social Media Ads Campaign

  • Viral Twitter Marketing Campaign

  • Paid Marketing & Media Campaign

Stage 3

  • Listing on Tier-1 CEXs

  • Twitter and Discord bot testing phase

  • V2 Whitepaper Release

  • Website 2.0 Release

  • Beta phase in the platform, DAO Governance

  • Started Build Jenny Prototype

  • Further Tier-1 Exchange Listing - Certik Audit

  • Celebrity Partnership

Stage 4

  • HUMAI Metaverse app

  • Sponsorship and Partnership Worldwide - Celebrity Brand Ambassadors

  • Jenny Prototype Demo

  • Metaverse development and AI integration - Demo

  • Test phase of the decentralized app

Stage 5

  • $HUMAI Wallet Demo

  • AI integration with Jenny - Demo

  • Decentralized application, code validation and entry

  • State Partnerships, in order to extend the AI evolution in our daily lives

  • Much more…

Our Roadmap


Safety and Certification

$HUMAI earned the SAFU badge from PinkSale Finance, which means that the project cannot be manipulated by the developer to hurt investors and gain an unfair advantage over them. The complete presale follows the SAFU rules set by Pinksale which can be seen here

Our Partners

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Let's grow stronger and brighter together! 

Join the squad and be a part of the coolest crypto community around! Get in on the buzz, ask questions, and connect with like-minded individuals on our Telegram channel -

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